Will not interfere with the functioning of your cell phone

Will not interfere with the functioning of your cell phone

cell phone radiation shield

Unlike other EMF blocking devices, the Aulterra Neutralizer will not affect cellular phone reception or transmission. Your phone will still be the convenient communications tool you wanted it to be--it will just no longer be dangerous to your DNA and your health.

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The Whole House Neutralizer

The Whole House Neutralizer

The Whole House Neutralizer
The Whole House Neutralizer
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EMF’s are emitted from almost every household electronic device.  These EMF’s have been proven to potentially cause a variety of diseases in the body. 
The Whole House Neutralizer contains a natural compound made up of paramagnetic matierials found straight from the earth that neutralizes the negative effects of household EMF’s on the human body.  The neutralization of these EMF’s can greatly enhance the environment in which you work, play and live with loved ones. 
The Whole House Neutralizer is intended for use in any home. It covers up to 5,000 sq. ft., neutralizing the EMF;s coming from all electrical devices plugged into the inside of outside of the home.  You home’s built in wiring system lets the Whole House Neutralizer power through your house without using any electricity and neutralizing every device plugged into any outlet. i.e. microwave, TV, computer, telephones, refrigerator, etc.

Simply plug The Whole House Neutralizer into any outlet in your home and it will begin neutralizing the harmful effects of EMF's and radiation, to any EMF emitting device that is plugged in to the electrical outlets. If you have wireless devices, cell phones or cordless phones, it is recommended to continue to use the Aulterra Neutralizers, since these items are not plugged in.

Most people notice a difference in how they feel a few days after plugging it in. (less tired, more energy, fewer or no headaches)

The house neutralizer has no adverse affects.

▪ Will cover up to 5,000 sq ft - single or multi-story
▪Uses no electricity
▪Neutralizes all EMF emitting electric devices that are plugged in
▪Utilizes your house's wiring to protect you from outside EMF's
▪Will last a lifetime if taken care of
▪Most people notice a difference after a couple of days
▪First released in 2007
▪Has no adverse affects
▪Affordable whole house protection

NOTE: The color may be yellow, orange or gray, whichever color we receive from the manufacturer.

Wait no longer to order the Aulterra Neutralizer™, so that you can be on your way to shielding yourself from unwanted electromagnetic frequency fields.


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